World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

A casa de Alice (Alice's House)

Chico Teixeira | Brazil | 2007 | 92 | In Portuguese | English subtitles


Equally impressive and realistic story of a Brazilian family living in a working-class area in So Paulo.
40-something-year-old Alice has been married to Lindomar, a taxi driver, for over 20 years. They live together with their three often quarrelling sons Lucas, Edinho and Junior and with Lindomars mother Dona Jacira. Dona not only actually runs the household, as Alice works in a beauty parlour by day, but also knows everybodys secrets. Lindomar no longer has any sexual interest in his wife and scorns her attempts at eroticism. He is rather attracted to young teenage girls and makes less and less of an effort to hide this. The marriage is about to fall apart.
As documentaries director Chico Teixeira already has earned his spurs, and this shows in his feature debut. None of the actors got to see the complete script, each dialogue was rehearsed only once shortly before it was shot. Teixeira wanted to capture the real, raw emotion of the moment. Thanks to the excellent cast he managed to do so astonishingly well. To date the film won fourteen international film awards, five of which were for leading actress Carla Ribas.


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