World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

3 (Tres)

Pablo Stoll Ward | Uruguay, Germany, Argentinia, Chile | 2012 | 115' | In Spanish | English subtitles


Opening film of World Cinema Amsterdam 2012. Due to films as 25 Watts (2001) and Whisky (2004), Uruguayan director Pablo Stoll Ward has been a leading figure in Latin-American cinema for years. His most recent film, 3, in which he inimitably links humour to the occasionally tragic lives of his characters, is definitely a worthy successor.
Episodic film that follows the lives of divorced couple Rodolfo and Graciela and their daughter Ana. Dentist Rodolfo loves soccer and green plants and is recently divorced again and is lonely a typical case of male menopause. Busy Graciela spends a lot of time in hospital, visiting her aunt who is in a coma. In the waiting room she enjoys a flirtation with a man who looks remarkably similar to Rodolfo. Pretty teenager Ana is going through puberty big time; skipping school and driving boys crazy are her main pastimes. She wonders why her father is suddenly so nice to her and has so much time for her.
Pure film delight, thanks to the engaging acting, ingenious camera work and hot music track.


Location: Rialto
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Location: De Balie
FRI 10 AUG - 22:00 | get your tickets

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