World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016


Several directors | Indonesia | 2010 | 87 | Indonesian spoken, English subtitles


It is almost New Year's Eve and life in the bustling Indonesian capital of Jakarta goes on all night. The film opens with a little girl and her umbrella and a man who both try to find their way in the rainy streets of the city, leads us through a mosaic of touching, wry and light-footed episodes, and ends at daybreak with a taxi driver who unsuccessfully tries to tell his wife that he wants a divorce. Each episode gives an impression of modern Indonesian life in Jakarta where big city chaos often eclipses individual emotions.

The omnibus film Belkibolang is the visiting card of a new generation of filmmakers in the booming indie film scene of Indonesia. They are praised at the international film festivals. In their films they tackle the rapidly changing societal rules of modern Indonesia, seemingly without effort and each time with a typical twist. The nine filmmakers are all (young) men, but their stories center on female topics. The (female) scriptwriter Wattimena has managed to weave all threads into a coherent tapestry. Edwin, the best-known participating filmmaker, also directed Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly which was released in the Netherlands.

Payang (Umbrella) Agung Sentausa
Wahyu, a typical working class man with a tired look hates his city, his life and himself. One night, when heavy rain pours down, his meeting with Fitri changes his perspective.
Percakapan Ini (Chit Chat) Ifa Isfansyah
Omen, a chef, and Nuri, his neighbour talk about relationships, choices and motherhood. A long conversation, without a beginning nor an end.
Mamalia Tumpal Christian Tampubolon
Wati looks for transportation and Maman offers her to hop on his motorcycle. Together they drive around town when she asks Maman to stop because she got something in her eye.
Planet Gajah (Planet Elephant) Rico Marpaung
A fortune teller foresees number 25 and 2010. Nathan sees this as a game, for Milli it is a sign. Tonight is Nathans 25th birthday in the year 2010, and Milli is not ready to lose Nathan.
Tokek (Gecko) Anggun Priambodo
A regular night. The room is cold. Edwin is working on his laptop while his wife is sleeping tightly. Suddenly, there is an electrical break down. The sound of a gecko interrupts him and then the night gets an unusual turn.
Peron Azhar Lubis
James only listens to his iPod during train rides. Meanwhile fantasizing about girls at the train station. One day, when his iPod breaks down, he meets a girl who is enjoying the loud and noisy sound of the station. She lets James hear something he has never heard before.
Ella Wisnu Surya Pratama
Ella, a prostitute from Surabaya who lives in Jakarta, uses the food stall of grilled duck seller Pak Gendut as her pick up place. Tonight, the last day of the Ramadan, she returns home as a good girl. However, even a good girl is never perfect, especially Ella.
Roller Coaster Edwin
On a lazy day in Jakarta, a boy and a girl decide to seek a thrill. They have been friends for a long time but have never seen each other naked. Today this will change.
Full Moon Sidi Saleh
Bobi is a cab driver who takes his wife Isna for a ride on New Years eve. Not to celebrate, but to express his
deepest wish to her.

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