World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016


Gustavo Taretto | Argentina, Spain, Germany | 2011 | 91 | Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitles | Distribution: Cinemien 


In this sweet and charming debut we follow the lives of Martin and Mariana in Buenos Aires, two lonely souls in a bustling big city yearning for love. Martin spends much of his time at the computer surfing the Internet. Mariana, just recovered from a broken heart, designs shop windows and lives in an apartment cluttered with mannequins. Their lives almost touch, but the medianeras, the useless' wall, that separates their apartments, prevents them from seeing each other. Though their paths do cross occasionally, they never notice each other. Still, slowly it becomes clear that they are actually soul mates: they frequent the same video shop, but a movie rack keeps them from meeting; they visit the same movie theater, but it is dark and they dont see each other. The city that brings Martin and Mariana together also keeps them apart. Tarettos endearing Medianeras is a tribute to metropolitan life as well as a love story of two people who overcome their misfortunes and demonstrate a willingness to rediscover the world.

Thursday 11 August, 10.15 pm, Rialto get your tickets
Thursday 18 August, 8.00 pm, Rialto get your tickets
Friday 19 August, 5.30 pm, Rialto get your tickets
Sunday 21 August, 3.30 pm, Rialto (Het Parool Film Day)
Sunday 21 August, 6.30 pm, Rialto (Het Parool Film Day)

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