World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Riscado (Craft)

Gustavo Pizzi | Brazil | 2010 | 85 | Portuguese spoken, English subtitles


Gustavo Pizzi s dazzling directorial debut offers an intimate glimpse into the world of fragile actress Bianca, the debut role of Pizzis wife Karine Teles, who gives an elegant and top-class rendition of this character. She was winner of Best Actress at the 2010 Rio International Film Festival 2010, where the film premiered.
Some work day and night to reach their goals and realize their dreams, but this doesnt always suffice and then only luck seems to be the decisive factor. What is the importance of luck in life? How much effort and talent is required to achieve happiness? Bianca is an excellent actress, but her theatre work doesnt pay the bills. In order to make a living, she takes on humiliating and frustrating acting jobs impersonating movie divas and for promotional events. But then Bianca gets a part in a big international production. The director of the film finds her so inspiring that he changes the character he wrote into a version of Bianca. Is this a chance of a lifetime? Or does it conflict with all her original principles and dreams?

Friday 19 August, 8.30 pm, Rialto (director present). In collaboration with A Hora do Brasil. get your tickets
Saturday 20 August, 5.30 pm, Rialto (director present) get your tickets

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