World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Tropa de elite 2

Jos Padilha | Brazil | 2010 | 116 | Portuguese spoken, Dutch subtitles


Tropa de elite 2 is a rare cinematic phenomenon: a blockbuster praised by the critics. With more than 11 million tickets sold this blood-curdling thriller, a sequel to Tropa de elite (winner of the 2008 Golden Bear at the Berlinale), is a box office hit in Brazil. Lt. Nascimento has aged ten years and has been promoted to be in charge of the BOPE, Rio de Janeiros police elite squad. He manages to reinforce his elite troop and fight drug trafficking. In doing so he unintentionally helps his true enemies: corrupt colleagues and highly placed politicians who are only interested in increasing their vote count.
Prior to shooting Tropa de elite 2, Jos Padilha thoroughly researched police work and drug rings. His film is received with controversy as the narrative is based on true scandals in Brazil. Tropa de elite 2 is a thrilling action film made with help of a special effects team that previously contributed to several action packed blockbusters such as Transformers and Independence Day. The film, however also sharply condemns corruption and the deadly violence in the war against the drug rings of Rios favelas.

Saturday 20 August, 21.30 uur, Marie Heinekenplein
In collaboration with A Hora do Brasil.

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