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Nicols Pereda | Mexico, Canada | 2009 | 73' | Spanish spoken, English subtitles
Tensions rise in Gabino and Luisas apartment in Mexico City when Gabinos friend Paco, who is staying with them temporarily, allows their dog, Junto, to escape. To make matters worse, the fridge breaks down and the taps will only provide boiling hot water. Luisa becomes frustrated about Pacos presence in their small home, and her relationship with Gabino comes under pressure.

The three of them escape from the situation by going away to a rural area just outside of town. Gabino is convinced that Junto has looked for accommodation here. However, it turns out that something very different is waiting for Luisa, Gabino and Paco.

In the minimalist oeuvre of young Mexican filmmaker Nicols Pereda, that which is not filmed is often as important to the narrative as that which is. In Juntos, the characters are sometimes just outside of shot; the dog who is the catalyst for the whole story, never even appears. Juntos could be seen as a prologue to Perpetuum Mobile, but the film also more than stands alone.

Friday 13 August, 07.00 PM, Rialto (director present)
Saturday 14 August, 04.30 PM, Rialto (director present)