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Perpetuum mobile

Nicols Pereda| Mexico, Canada, France | 90 | Spanish spoken, English subtitles
With this arresting third feature, Nicols Pereda neatly charts the disintegration of the contemporary Mexican family, using deceptively simple dramatic devices. He structures the film as a loose road journey in a beat-up van by two young amateur movers from a poor neighbourhood as they traverse Mexico City.

One of the movers, Gabino, is the layabout son of a nagging, overweight single mother, Teresa. The contrast between Teresa and Gabino's cramped apartment and the exteriors that Gabino and his business partner travel through help keep the story moving. When the two men drive around in the van, they feel free; leafy trees reflected on the windshield and ambient sounds adding credibility to the experience. They visit clients who are leaving their residences due to all manner of family upheavals. He constantly witnesses the perils and distress that others have to endure as they move out of their homes and out of other people's lives. Gabino and his mother Teresa have a distant relationship, which comes to a climax when they stumble upon an unexpected discovery.

Sunday 15 August, 07.00 PM, Rialto (director present)
Monday 16 August, 10.00 PM, Rialto (director present)