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Diego Luna | Mexico | 2009 | 85 | Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitlesWCA_Abel_1

Y tu mam tambin star Diego Luna stepped behind the camera to direct this warm drama about a young boy whose emotional problems take him in an unexpected direction.

Abel, a nine-year-old boy, has stopped talking since his father left home. No one in the household is sure what to do for Abel or how they should behave around him; a stay in a mental hospital does little to ground him. One day, his mother collects him from the psychiatric ward, hoping not to upset him. She carefully discusses with Abels teacher how to deal with the absence of his father. The entire family is walking on eggshells, worrying about Abel breaking down. But things take an interesting turn when the little boy emphatically carves out a new role for himself in the family the role of father of the house. Abel transforms the fear his family has about his episodes into the respect due to the head of the household. Oddly enough, it works! At least, until a stranger shows up at the breakfast table, claiming to be Abels father.

Wednesday 18 August, 07:00 PM, Rialto
Thursday 19 August, 05:15 PM, Rialto