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Open Air

World Cinema Amsterdam Open Air four films, four sultry summer evenings

For the past seven years, Amsterdams Marie Heinekenplein square has been transformed for four days every August into a summer open air cinema Rialto in the Open Air. This year, the square will also be the venue for open air screenings but this time as part of World Cinema Amsterdam. To emphasise this, the event has been given a new name: World Cinema Amsterdam Open Air.

From 19 through 22 August, visitors will once again be able to enjoy four new world-class films. Seating will be provided on the square for more than 500 people. But there will be space for many more; bring your own deck chair, a blanket, a stool, whatever you have there is always room for one more!

In addition to watching films, there will be a lot more things to do on the square: DJ Cinema Royale will contribute to the right atmosphere from the 07.00 PM, and of course there will be plenty of food and drink to enjoy. The screenings will start at sunset, around 09.30 PM,  as long as the wind is not too strong. And, as always, admission is free.

These four films are competing for the World Cinema Amsterdam Audience Award.

Thursday 19 August: opening World Cinema Amsterdam Open Air
Benda Bilili!
Renaud Barret & Florent de La Tullaye | Congo, France | 2010 | 85' | Lingala, French spoken, Dutch subtitles

Benda-Bilili-3Documentary about a very unusual band: Staff Benda Bilili seven Congolese street musicians, who thanks to their energetic, cheerful music are able to escape the devastating poverty of their home country. With footage of small performances at home and concerts in sold-out venues in Europe. Read more...

Friday 20 August

Marcos Carnevale | Argentina | 2009 | 104' | Spanish spoken, English subtitles  

Anita-4Anita tells the story of a young woman with Downs Syndrome, who loses her mother following a bomb attack in Buenos Aires; her mother, who is her whole world. She decides to go and look for her the start of a heart-rending odyssey lasting many days. Read more...

Saturday 21 August (in collaboration with A Hora do Brazil)
Monique Gardenberg | Brazil | 2007 | 98 | Portuguese spoken, English subtitles

opaioMusical, comedy, drama, documentary, sitcom Pa, combines all these genres into a lively story about the residents of the old centre of Salvador in Brazil, and how they celebrate the last day of Carnival. Read more...

The film ends around midnight. Anyone who is up for it is welcome at the smashing Brazilian Afterparty at Rialto: Brazilian Summer Sessions. Until the early morning you can dance to the sultry sounds of DJ Paulo and Forrozar-percussionisten Cleyton Barros and Nailton Miranda.

Sunday 22 August
Retratos en un mar de mentiras
Carlos Gaviria | Colombia | 2009 | 90 | Spanish spoken, English subtitles

Retratos-en-un-mar-6Itinerant photographer Jairo and his younger niece Marina return to their home area, to reclaim the piece of land they fled from years ago. Marinas personal story slowly but surely unfolds during the trip. Read more...