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Retratos en un mar de mentiras

Carlos Gaviria | Colombia | 2009 | 90 | Spanish spoken, English subtitles

Retratos-en-un-mar-6In his directing debut, Retratos en un mar de mentiras, Carlos Gaviria focuses attention on the situation of the millions of Colombians who have been forced by armed gangs to flee their homes in the civil war still dragging on in that country. These refugees are also faced by great indifference from the general public, as they are always referred to in government propaganda in connection with the rebels not as victims, but as accomplices.

After their grandfather is killed in a landslide, itinerant photographer Jairo and his younger niece Marina return to their home area, to reclaim the piece of land they fled from years ago. In a battered Renault 4, they travel from Bogot to the Colombian coast. Traumatised, Marina suffers from memory loss and has not spoken for years. During the trip, her personal story slowly but surely unfolds. The fact that the area is still dangerous is demonstrated when the pair reach the village, and are kidnapped by paramilitaries. Jairo is seriously wounded when they attempt to escape. As Marina starts to confront the past, his situation takes a serious turn for the worse.

Sunday 22 August, +/-  09.30 PM, Marie Heinekenplein