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Woman on Fire Looks For Water

Woo Ming Jin | Malaysia | 2009 | 98' | Cantonese, Mandarin spoken, English subtitles
A tender story about a father and son, their relationship with one another and their relationships with the women in their lives. Young Ah Fei lives with his father, Ah Kau, in a small Malaysian coastal resort, earning his living from the dying profession of fishing. Ah Kau feels his life drawing to its close and decides to visit the woman who was once the love of his life, and whom he had wanted to marry, in a neighbouring village.

Ah Fei is also wrestling with love. The girl of his dreams will only marry him if he can earn more money than what he can presently scrape together catching and selling frogs. He finds work in a factory, but soon faces a dilemma when the factory boss suggests he marry his daugter. While his father still regrets a decision from his youth, Ah Fei seems to be heading for the same mistake. The fishing village is attractively filmed with a great eye for detail, although Woo also doesnt shy away from the ugly aspects of this authentic location.

Friday 13 August, 10.00 PM, Rialto (director present, including DVD launch Young Malaysia Collection)
Saturday 14 August, 02.00 PM, Rialto (director present)