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Pedro Gonzlez-Rubio | Mexico | 2009 | 73' | Spanish, Italian spoken, Dutch subtitles

Alamar is the first solo directorial credit for cinematographer Pedro Gonzlez-Rubio. A man from Mexico travels to Italy and falls in love with a beautiful local woman. Their feelings for one another are strong, but prove to be short-lived. After they decide to break up (following the birth of their son, Natan), he returns to Mexico while she stays in Italy and takes custody of the child. However, the father strives to maintain a presence in his son's life, and the boy visits his father at least once a year. When five-year-old Natan travels to Mexico, his father has joined the family's fishing operation near Banco Chinchorro, part of the world's second-largest barrier reef. Living in an elevated cottage near the shore, they devote their summer to an idyllic existence, spending their days catching fish and their nights sitting by the fire admiring the stars. To the father, this simple life teaches an important lesson in existing in peace with the natural world, and Natan comes to see himself as being as much a part of this environment as the fish, the waterfowl and the seaweed.

Thursday 12 August, 06.45 PM (with talkshow icm La Chispa), Rialto
Saturday 14 August, 07.30 PM, Rialto
Sunday 15 August, 04.00 PM, Rialto