World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Adirley Queirós | Brazil | 2011 | 73’ | In Portuguese | English subtitles


“You who have a good place to live, give us a hand, help to build our home. So that we can say together, ‘the city is one only’.” This was a line in a 1950s jingle to promote Brasilia, the brand-new capital of Brazil. In those days, Nancy, one of the singers in the choir that sang the song, lived in the favelas on the outskirts of the new city. For the local authorities these poor neighbourhoods were an eyesore, not in keeping with the image the city wanted to show the rest of the world. In 1971 the city therefore began the Campanha de Erradicação de Invasões, a campaign to relocate the ‘invaders’. The residents, including many construction workers who actually built the city, ended up in Ceilândia, a city about 25 km from Brasília.

In this fascinating docu-fiction director Adirley Queirós,, whose parents were amongst the thousands relocated, explores Ceilândia. Nancy tells her story, as does Dildu, a politically ambitious shady character, but also Dildu’s brother-in-law, who tries to earn his living in the local real estate sector. Received the Critics Award at the 2012 Tiradentes film festival. This film is the opening film of the Brazilian Stories program at World CinemaAmsterdam 2012


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