World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Salsa Tel Aviv

Jorge Weller | Israel, Mexico | 2011 | 100 | Spanish, Hebreeuws spoken, English subtitles


Salsa Tel Aviv is a sensual, swinging and hilarious romantic comedy by Jewish Mexican filmmaker Jorge Weller situated in the underground salsa scene of Tel Aviv. Vicki, a salsa teacher played by Anglica Vale (Betty in the Mexican Ugly Betty) flies to Israel to find her ex-husband Beto, hoping to reunite her family. On Betos advice she travels disguised as a nun in order to enter Israel more easily. It is Vickis first plane journey, but the brainy and charming Yoni who sits next to her is of assistance. Gradually an undeniable but completely improper mutual attraction arises between them. She is after
all a nun, at least in appearance, he turns out to be engaged. In Israel, Vicki is reunited with Beto and Yoni returns to his fiance Daphne. However the mutual attraction does not disappear. Once Vicki starts giving Yoni salsa lessons, they can no longer ignore that they are heavily in love with each other and their love story gains momentum. Cultural, religious and social differences plus a jealous Beto and determined Daphne put their love to the ultimate test.

A delicious feel-good movie filled with sunny music about the power of love and dance.

Thursday 18 August, 9.30 pm, Marie Heinekenplein
Friday 19 August, 7.00 pm, Rialto get your tickets

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