World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

A Girl at My Door (Dohee-ya)


A Girl at My Door 1

"A Girl at My Door is Korean cinema at its finest" was the headline of leading American film magazine Variety's highly praising review on Korean director July Jung's debut film. In this police drama, Jung, who also wrote the script, broaches issues that are rather sensitive in South Korea, such as homosexuality, alcoholism and child abuse. She takes a very nuanced approach and demonstrates a high level of insight into the workings of the human psyche.

Following a series of incidents, female police agent Young-nam, once a top graduate of the police academy, is transferred to a small sleepy seaside village. She is determined not to stand out, hoping that she soon will be able to regain her old post. However, first impressions deceive and the village isn't really that sleepy. On her first day there, she meets 14-year-old Dohee, a lonely girl who is beaten up regularly by her alcoholic stepfather. When things threaten to get out of hand, Dohee turns to Young-nam for protection, who lets her stay at her place. In the beginning, they get along fine, but after a while, Dohee's quirks come to light. Once Young-nam's former girlfriend arrives, things become really complicated. Film star Doona-bae (e.g. Cloud Atlas) offers a strong performance as the introvert Young-nam.

The director of the film, July Jung, will be attending the festival and wil answer the questions of the audience after the screening of her film (only in Rialto).

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