World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Retrato de un comportamiento animal


Retrato 6

Boars kiss on the mouth, bonobos make love in the missionary position... in short, people are far more similar to animals than they tend to think. This is what Retrato de un comportamiento animal is all about, the feature debut of Uruguayan directing duo Florencia Colucci and Gonzalo Lugo who also wrote and produced this film and even play the leading roles in their absurd comedy slash road movie.

Matto, a passionate marine biologist, goes to Brazil hoping to see dolphins, which he considers to be the most intelligent creatures on earth. He generally believes that humans owe their progress to the animal kingdom. Soon, he is joined by hitchhiking Martina who is on her way to Bahia, the birthplace of Tropiclia, a unique Brazilian music style. It is where she hopes to get to know herself and the world better.

They form a strange pair: she sleepwalks, he goes so far as to lie down in the middle of the street in swim briefs just to make his point. Their behaviour, their relationship... the similarities to animals are inevitable.

Both filmmakers will be attending the festival and after the screenings of their film will answer the audience's questions.

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