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The Third Side of the River


The third side of the river 1

Between 2008 and 2009 American cinematic maestro Martin Scorsese mentored young Argentinian director Celina Murga. Later, he assisted and advised her in the making of her new film, The Third Side of the River, a father-son drama Murga co-wrote. It is her third feature film and the first one with a male lead character.

The quiet, sensitive teenager Nicolas - wonderfully played by debuting actor Alian Devetac - lives in a rather small house with his mother and younger brother and sister. His father Jorge, doctor and ranch-owner, doesn't live with them, but with another woman, his 'official' wife, and their son. Jorge expects Nicolas as his eldest son to follow in his footsteps: he is to become a doctor too and eventually take over the ranch. Increasingly Jorge invests time in his son's life and tries to make a 'real man' out of him. This is however not what Nicolas wants. Jorge decides to take a holiday, missing out on his daughter's birthday, and entrusts Nicolas to look after the ranch. But then Nicolas takes a decision with far-reaching consequences. Nominated for the Golden Bear at the 2013 Berlin film festival.

Distribution: from 28 August 2014, Just Film

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