World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

A Wolf at the Door


a wolf at the door

For many years now, interesting films have been made in Brazil. Visitors of World Cinema Amsterdam's 2012 edition have been able to see this with their own eyes, thanks to the Brazilian Stories special with a focus on these films. Since then, Brazil's filmmakers haven't been sitting on their hands, as director Fernando Coimbra shows with his first-time feature A Wolf at the Door, an intelligently structured abduction drama.

Sylvia and Bernardo are at their wits' end: not they, but someone called Sheila has picked up their 6-year-old daughter Clara from school, leaving without a trace. Nobody knows who Sheila is. The detective in charge suggests she might be acquainted to the family. But who could she be? Bernardo then confesses that he has been seeing another woman for the past year and immediately names her as a possible suspect. When this woman, Rosa, is taken to the station for questioning, she denies any involvement. She does say though that Sylvia too has had an affair and that her lover has arranged the abduction. Who is telling the truth?

Distribution: from October 30 2014, Wild Bunch.

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