World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

El lugar del hijo


el lugar del hijo

In 2014, Uruguay is one of the most modern and advanced countries of the world. Twelve years ago the situation was quite different though, when Uruguay was beset by a paralyzing political and financial crisis. This setting forms the backdrop of director Manolo Nieto's second film El lugar del hijo (The Militant), a drama that depicts big issues on a small scale.

Uruguay, 2002: strikes are crippling the country. As a member of the students' union, Ariel, a slow-speaking student with a slight disability, becomes involved. But as the strikes are on-going, he learns that his father has died and heads for Salto, the second city of the country and the place where his father lived. In dealing with his dad's business and estate, he discovers some unpleasant surprises. It turns out that his dad had run up rather a substantial debt in order to pay for his son's education. Ariel also has to deal with a dubious business contact and his dad's girlfriend, who has set her eyes on the house. Slowly, leftist Ariel is sucked into an existence he deeply detests, the one of the land-owning bourgeoisie.

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