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Honey (Bal)

Semih Kaplano?lu | Turkey | 2010 | 103' | Turkish spoken, Dutch subtitles
Six-year-old Yusuf lives with his parents in a remote mountainous area. His father, a beekeeper, hangs his beehives in the highest trees and then climbs them, like an acrobat, to harvest the honey. Yusuf admires his father and likes to accompany him to the woods; a mysterious place, where he gets to know all the sounds, colours, odours and tastes.

As close as Yusuf is to his father, at school he feels extremely lonely. A disturbing dream causes him to suddenly start stuttering, overnight. He becomes even more concerned when his father decides to move to an even higher wood, as all his bees have suddenly swarmed away. Days pass without a sign of life from him. Yusuf, who now no longer speaks at all, decides to go and look for his father, and sets off on a journey into the unknown.

Winner of a Golden Bear, Honey (Bal) is the third part of Kaplano?lus Yusuf trilogy, in which he studies the origins of a soul. As in the previous parts, the director refrains from using music, allowing the emotional world to be created entirely through the atmospheric images and ambient sound.

Wednesday 18 August, 09.00 PM, Rialto (director present)
Saturday 21 August, 07.15 PM, Rialto