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Carlos Reygadas | Mexico, Spain | 2001 | 143' | Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitles
In this drama from Mexico, a man on the brink of suicide regains the will to live under decidedly unusual circumstances. A quietly despondent man leaves behind the city for a journey into a quiet village in the valley, telling anyone who cares to know that once he's settled in, he intends to kill himself. The man takes a room with Ascen, an elderly woman who lost her husband some years ago. Keeping to himself, the man paints, thinks and prepares himself for death, while Ascen slowly becomes aware of the depth of his depression. As Ascen's nephew attempts to rob her of her share of the family estate, the man feels a desire to live stirring inside him again – as well as the desire for a woman. Improbably, the man turns to Ascen for physical affection and, sensing his need for comfort, she complies, though the seduction lacks a great deal in the way of romance.

The first feature film from writer and director Carlos Reygadas, Japón received an enthusiastic response when it screened as part of the Directors' Fortnight series at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival.

Sunday 15 August, 01.00 PM, Rialto
Wednesday 18 August, 07.15 PM, Rialto