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Laura Guzmn, Israel Crdenas | Mexico, UK, Canada | 2007 | 87' | Rarmuri (Tarahumara ) spoken, English subtitles
Two young brothers from the La Sierra Tarahumara region of northwest Mexico return home from school, only to find fate pulling them in opposite directions. Evaristo and Tony have just graduated from boarding school. Though 12-year-old Evaristo would like nothing more than to continue his education, his 11-year-old sibling couldn't see things more differently. Antonio is thrilled to be finished with school. Despite being a bright student, Antonio would much rather spend his days on the family ranch than in the classroom. They are assigned the task of delivering a package to a faraway community and lent the family horse to get the job done. After taking a wrong turn down a narrow and winding canyon, Evaristo and Antonio decide to tie the horse to a tree while they look for a way out. Upon returning some time later, the brothers discover the horse is missing, and decide to split up. As Antonio searches for the horse and Evaristo sets out to deliver the package, the two brothers experience a side of Tarahumara culture that can't be taught in a classroom.

Sunday15 August, 01.30 PM, Rialto
Wednesday 18 August, 03.15 uur, Rialto