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Por tu culpa

Anah Berneri | Argentina | 2010 | 87 | Spanish spoken, English subtitles


An evening in the cramped apartment of a newly divorced mother and her two sons: for Julieta, who also has to finish an important report this evening, being a single parent is hard work. When some good-natured horseplay degenerates into noisy fighting, she tries to re-establish control of the situation by sending her boys to bed. But they just wont calm down. Amidst the chaos, terrible screaming suddenly rings out: Julietas youngest son has fallen from the bed. He is so badly hurt he has to be rushed to the nearest hospital. Once there, not only the child, but also the nervous mother raise concern among the doctors.

The hand-held camera seems to be stuck to Julieta, and the soundtrack, from which some sounds have been filtered, emphasizes this subjective point of view, allowing the audience, along with the doctors, the space to doubt Julietas confused version of the accident. At the same time, the pressure heaped by the medical personnels suspicions on the already overstretched Julieta is revealed, and this raises questions about the demands placed on mothers these days.

Saturday 14 August, 09.30 PM, Rialto
Sunday 15 August, 02.00 PM, Rialto