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Jonás Cuarón | Mexico | 2007 | 78' | Spanish, English spoken, English subtitles

Well-known director Alfonso Cuaron's son Jonás helmed this drama, which embodies one of the most unusual features to emerge on the international scene in quite some time.

Año uña
is the fictional story of an impossible romance between 21-year-old American Molly and Diego, a Mexican in the throes of puberty. Molly travels to Mexico, where she rents a room in Diego's house. A close relationship immediately develops between the two. Diego, who had previously been consumed by desire for his cousin, Emilia, redirects his obsession after Molly arrives. Molly enjoys Diego's flirtations, finding in them the attention and respect missing from her relationships with previous boyfriends. The relationship continues to grow until Molly returns to New York. Diego decides to run away and win over Molly, whose tenderness for him has turned into attraction. Jonás uncovers the film's theme – the passage of time and the impermanence of things – by superimposing this imagined story over photographs of real moments: his brother Diego entering puberty; birthdays and funerals; hospitals; animal surgery, the illness and death of his grandfather.

Monday 16 August, 04.00 PM, Rialto
Tuesday 17 August, 07.30 PM, Rialto