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Malaysia Revisited

Friday 13 August

For five days in the autumn of 2008, Rialto played host to New Malaysian Cinema, a festival dedicated to Malaysian filmmakers who are part of the New Wave generation (sometimes also referred to as the No Wave generation). A number of these filmmakers also attended the festival in Rialto, including Woo Ming Jin, Tan Chui Mui and Ho Yuhang. High time to catch up with Malaysia again, therefore. On 13 August, the whole evening will be given over to Malaysian films, with the presentation of a special DVD boxed set and the screening of two new Malaysian films.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and the affiliated Hubert Bals Fund have always been keen supporters of Malaysian cinema. And they still are. Under the title Young Malaysia Collection, IFFR's own Tiger Releases DVD label is issuing a DVD boxed set featuring five recent Malaysian films by four young, talented filmmakers: My Daughter (Charlotte Lay Kuen Lim, 2009), Love Conquers All (Tan Chui Mui, 2006), Woman on Fire Looks for Water (Woo Ming Jin, 2009), At the End of Daybreak (Ho Yuhang, 2009) and Rain Dogs (Ho Yuhang, 2006).

Last year saw the premire of the film 15Malaysia. An exceptional project: fifteen Malaysian filmmakers, the cream of the New Wave generation, have given their vision of Malaysia today in fifteen short films. Contributors include Charlotte Lay Kuen Lim, Tan Chui Mui, Ho Yuhang and Woo Ming Jin. Their short films make up the extras on the DVDs.

On 13 August at 10.00 PM the first copy of this boxed set will be presented to Woo Ming Jin, guests during World Cinema Amsterdam. His competition film, the tender father & son drama Woman on Fire Looks for Water will then be screened, followed by a Q&A. Earlier that day, at 05.00 PM 15Malaysia is screened, as well as on Thursday 17 August at 09.30 PM.

Please note: we will give out one boxed set to some one in the audience at August 13 10.00 PM

The dvd box Young Malaysia Collection is for sale at the Rialto box office for  35 ( 32 for Rialtopas holders).