World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Raúl Fuentes | Mexico | 2011 | 100’ | In Spanish | English subtitles


To what extent can two completely different individuals mix together? Especially when love comes into play? In his first feature film, Mexican writer-director Raúl Fuentes demonstrates how difficult this can be.
Middle-aged Alejandra works as an editor. The drag of daily life, her co-workers and her quite boring love life have turned her into a rather snobby woman. She especially seems to loathe youth: “What a waste of time and neurons”. Maria, a private high-school student, is bored with her peers. One day, the two women meet. They start an affair which offers both of them a new outlook on life.
At first everything runs smoothly, but then their differences play up. Alejandra is still a sophisticated snob and Maria cannot say farewell to her youth yet. They have to ask themselves whether they should continue their relationship.
Due to the use of soft black-and-white colour schemes, the clever camera work and the excellent acting of Andrea Portal and Naian Daeva, Fuentes manages to raise the story above the level of a corny ‘girl meets girl story’. The film is a study of clashing personalities and a generation gap


Location: Rialto

FRI 10 AUG - 19:30 |  get your tickets

MON 13 AUG - 19:45 | get your tickets

Location: De Balie

SAT 11 AUG - 22:00 | get your tickets

Director is present during the screenings and available for Q&A.

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