World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Transeunte (Passerby)

Eryk Rocha | Brazil | 2010 | 125 | In Portuguese | English subtitles.


The retired sexagenarian Expedito (Fernando Bezerra) is an inconspicuous man living a monotonous life. Since his mother died loneliness prevails. He has neither wife nor children and rarely speaks to anybody. Rather than playing the leading character, Expedito is an extra in the story of his own life. He is in short a man like many other men. Transeunte depicts a portrait of Expedito: as he visits his mothers grave, as he wanders through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, as he frequents nightclubs where he tries to make new friends to reinvigorate his life. Debuting director Eryk Rocha,, son of the famous director Glauber Rocha, mainly wanted to capture the relationship between the individual and the urban environment and tell the quiet, unknown story of a man who lives his daily life between millions of others. Who are all the passers-by? Expeditos story is told in black-and-white shots which in Rochas eyes much better reflect the essence of the metropolis precisely to avoid all colourful Rio de Janeiro clichs. Music plays a striking role. Expeditos outdated transistor and the music it produces form the main link between him and other people.


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