World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Virgem Margarida

Licinio Azevedo |Mozambique, Portugal, France, Angola | 2012 | 87' | Portuguese | English subtitles

Virgem Margarida

Virgem Margarida, directed and co-written by Brazilian born Licinio Azevedo, tells the story of one of the least-known episodes of Mozambican history.

After centuries of Portuguese dominance Mozambique finally becomes independent in 1975. The new revolutionary government wants to eradicate all traces of colonialism and capitalism as quickly as possible. Prostitution is regarded as such. All prostitutes in the capital Maputo are arrested and sent to re-education camps in the interior, where they are to become new women. Sixteen-year-old Margarida, unable to show a valid ID, is also arrested. The thing is, shes not a prostitute, but actually a virgin. Once her fellow inmates discover this, her position in the camp changes radically: she is worshipped like a saint. But this doesnt make her free to go.

Azevedo has already earned his spurs as a documentary maker and it shows. Virgem Margarida is made in a documentary style and focuses on the flipside of revolutionary lan and the fact that for women little changed in male dominated Mozambique. The role of Margarida is impressively played by debuting actress Iva Mugalela.

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