World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Esse amor que nos consome

Allan Ribeiro | Brasil |2012 | 80' | Portuguese |English subtitles
esse amore que nos consome
"Enthusiasm as a form of resistance", was a Brazilian film reviewer's headline after having seen Esse amor que nos consome. His own enthusiasm was great as well as he wrote that after a long time this was finally a Brazilian film that sparkled with fun.

Gatto Larsen and Rubens Bardot have been working together virtually all their lives. Their project: the Rubens Bardot Dance Company. The film begins when they have just moved into a new place with their dancers, an abandoned building in Rio de Janeiro where they can live and work. The only problem is that the building is for sale for 1 million dollar, an amount of money they for one will never be able to produce. They can stay for so long as no buyers show up. Gatto, Bardot and the dancers turn to the Orishas Gods (which are also worshipped in voodoo and winti) to keep potential buyers away.

Director Allan Ribeiro has chosen a mix of fiction and reality: the group's leader Gatto, choreographer Bardot and the dancers play themselves and the problems depicted are real. The story in the film is also the film's story, as Ribeiro didn't have the means to make this film. His characters' enthusiasm inspired him to achieve the impossible: making a film with virtually nothing.

Director Allan Ribeiro will be present after each screening for a Q&A.

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