World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Ring di Alarm!

Storm Saulter a.o. | Jamaica|2012 | 75' | English |English subtitles
Ring di Alarm

Tired of waiting for funding that never comes, the New Caribbean Cinema filmmakers' collective decided to take cinematic matters into their own hands. And so the compilation film Ring di Alarm! came to be, featuring seven short films by six different Caribbean directors.
Watching Him Kissing Her (d. Storm Saulter): A woman threatens to kill her lover because he is wooing another woman.
Missed (d. Michelle Serieux): A 20-minute film set in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.
Sunday (d. Kyle Chin): A lost man seeks forgiveness within the church he has stolen from in the past.
Coast (d. Nile Saulter): A morality tale set in the seaside resort Negril, about a beautiful young woman and the choices she makes.
The Young Sea (d. Nile Saulter): A compilation of old music video footage the director shot quite a while ago in Bull Bay.
My Vote (d. Joel Burke): A political statement without dialogue, regarding corruption and the consequences it entails for the average man and woman.
Parish Bull (d. Micahel Ras Tingle Tingling): An air conditioner repairmen takes a trip to St. Thomas where he is confronted with the supernatural.

Director Storm Saulter will be present for a Q&A after the screenings.

Rialto: Fri 9 aug 21:30 
Rialto: Sun 11 aug 19:15