World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Home Again

Sudz Sutherland | Canada | 2012 | 104 | English | English subtitles
Home Again

In some countries the law dictates that inhabitants of foreign descent who are guilty of a (minor) misdemeanour simply be deported to their country of origin. In Home Again director Sudz Sutherland shows what can happen to people who end up in this situation. His second feature film, for which he has co-written the screenplay, however isnt just a quiet social realist drama, but a riveting, fast-paced action story.

Marva, a young widow, is living a very normal life in Toronto, Canada. That is, until she gets involved with a new boyfriend who tricks her, unwittingly, into smuggling drugs. She is caught and deported to Jamaica, her original country of origin, and has to leave her two children behind in Canada. A similar fate awaits Everton, a well-off high-schooler from London. After some minor offenses he is summoned to leave the country and go and live with his uncle in Kingstown. Dunston from New York by contrast is no innocent, but eventually his violent character also lands him a one-way ticket to Kingston. Once in Jamaica, all three struggle to survive. As different as their fates may be, their problems are piling up. When a gang war erupts, their paths cross.

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