World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Gabriel Nesci | Argentina | 2012 | 119' |Spanish| English subtitles
Dias de vinilo

Damian, Marcelo, Luciano and Facundo are childhood friends who are now in their thirties. What really keeps them together is a shared boundless passion for classic rock LPs, but it must be the genuine article: vinyl. However, their fascination for women is as big and this inevitably affects their friendship.

Filmmaker Damian is working on a film about his crashed relationship with self-centred Ana. Then the intended lead actress misplaces the sole copy of the screenplay. Radio DJ Luciano also had to witness the end of his relationship. His former girlfriend Lila is a pop singer and has written a song about their fiasco. And now this song becomes the year’s number one hit... Meanwhile aspiring composer Facundo is about to get married. But then Lila has an interesting proposition for him. Marcelo, the leader of the Beatles tribute band The Hitles, also experiences turmoil in the love department when he meets a Japanese woman who strongly reminds him of Yoko Ono.

First-time director Gabriel Nesci wrote the screenplay himself for this sparkling comedy about friendship, love, choosing and music. He also wrote the music and lyrics of the songs featuring in the film. Originally the film’s was to be called ‘All they need is love’, but eventually this title appeared to be financially unfeasible and had to be abandoned.

Vondelpark: Fri 2 aug – 21:30
MHPlein: Wed 14 aug – 21:30
Rialto: Thur 15 aug – 21:30