World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016


Karzan Kader| Sweden, Finland, Iraq | 2012 | 98' | 9+| Kurdish |Dutch subtitles

Film suitable for the whole family. Kurdish director Karzan Kader's involvement in the story of Bekas surpasses the professional. In 1991 then six-year-old Karzan together with his little brother managed to cross the Iraqi Kurdish border to flee Saddam Hussein's terror against Kurdish people. He ended up in Sweden, where he studied at the film academy. In 2010 he made his graduation film, the short Bekas which tells the story of two Kurdish brothers who want to travel to America. Two years later he used the same story for a full-length feature, which resulted in a heart-warming film about a child's hope and following your dream.

Iraqi Kurdistan in the early 90s: the homeless and orphaned brothers Zana (7?years old) and Dana (10?years old) barely manage to scrape enough together as shoe shiners. One day, they happen to catch a glimpse of the film Superman. They decide that they want to travel to America to move in with Superman, which would also offer them a great opportunity to ask him to teach Saddam Hussein a lesson. The only obstacle is that they have no money, no passports, no means of travel. The latter problem is quickly solved: a friendly old man gives them a donkey, which they call Michael Jackson. It marks the start of a long and above all dangerous journey.

Rialto: Each day at 16:15 except for the 18th of August

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