World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Los pasos dobles (The Double Steps)

Isaki Lacuesta | Spain, Switzerland | 2011 | 87 | In Spanish, Bambara | English subtitles


French writer and painter Franois Augiras (1925 1971) led a grand and stirring life, marked by adventure and mystification. He once created a series of murals in an enormous bunker in Mali, West Africa, knowing that the bunker one day would be covered by the desert sand. It was what he intended; future generations could go looking for this lost master piece, the Sistine Chapel of the desert. The Spanish artist Miquel Barcel, who is greatly inspired by Mali as well as by Augiras work, did just that.
Director Isaki Lacuestas second feature film focuses on the Mali adventures of the two artists. In his documentary EL CUADERNO DE BARRO (2011) he had also zoomed in on Barcels search, by contrast LOS PASOS DOBLES is a mix of fact and most of all fiction, with elliptic narratives and breathtakingly beautiful camera work. The story switches between two worlds: the world of Augiras, played by the non-professional actor Bokar Dembele from Mali, and the world of Barcel, played by the artist himself.
This entirely original film received many prizes, including the Golden Shell for best film at the 2011 San Sebastian Film Festival. A film by Isaki Lacuesta.

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