World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Under pressure: filmmaking in Syria

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On Tuesday 14 August we present, in relation to the exhibition Culture in Defiance in the Amsterdam Prins Claus Gallery and together with the Prince Claus Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, the special program Under Pressure: Filmmaking in Syria. This evening two special films will show you what obstacles a Syrian filmmaker must overcome. Both directors, Hala Al Abdallah and Meyar Al Roumi, will be present during the screening and are available for a Q&A afterwards.

Sinema Saneta
Meyar al-Roumi | Syri, Frankrijk | 2001 | 29' | Arabisch gesproken | Engels, Frans ondertiteld
De filmproductie in Syri is altijd klein geweest. Jaarlijks werden gemiddeld twee films gemaakt. Regisseur Meyar al-Roumi laat in deze korte documentaire zien hoe dat komt. Na zijn filmopleiding in Parijs te hebben afgerond, keert Al-Roumi terug naar Damascus. Zijn filmplannen worden onmiddellijk getorpedeerd door de Syrische autoriteiten. Daarop besluit hij een film te maken over de onmogelijkheid in Syri te filmen.
Sinama Sameta (A Silent Cinema)
Meyar Al Roumi | Syria, France | 2001 | 29' | Arabic spoken | English, French subtitles
Upon graduating from a film studies program in Paris, Meyar Al Roumi returns to his native Damascus, eager to start making films. However when the script he proposes is rejected by the censors, he is instead inspired to make a portrait of Syrian filmmakers who have been affected most by censorship. The film is a courageous short documentary on filmmaking in Syria..
Hey_Don_t_Forget_the_Cumin__5 HEY! LA TENSI el kamoun (HEY! DON'T FORGET the Cumin)
Hala Al Abdallah | Syria, France | 2008 | 66' | Arabic, French spoken | English subtitles
The work of Syrian filmmaker Hala Al Abdallah is characterized by her very distinct and experimental approach. In her second documentary she travels through the collective consciousness of three artists/writers: Jamil Hatmal, Sarah Kane and Darina Al Joundi. Jamil and Sarah are not present, they have left the planet. Darina is still there, she keeps resisting. Their tumultuous life stories offer a fascinating outlook on the cultural identity of nowadays Syria.

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