World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Open air programme in the Vondelpark announced!

This year we will be screening again four amazing films in the Vondelpark, in the open air. We start long before the festival begins, on Friday August 5. Come and enjoy one of our World multicultural films under Amsterdam's starry sky. The sessions will start as soon as the Sun sets, around 21.30h.


new classmate the - copiaFriday August 5
Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari | India | 2015 | 96? | Hindi with English subtitles
Chanda struggles to make a living out of her job as a housekeeper. She wants a better life for her daughter Appu and therefore she invests the little she earns in offering her, for example, a good education. But of course the beloved daughter has her own and different ideas and takes a 'rain check' on making her homework. In her desperation, Chanda enrolls in the same school and class of her daughter. Appu is 'not amused'.


road to la paz 02 - copiaSaturday August 6
Francisco Varone | Argentina, Netherlands, Qatar, Germany | 2015 | 90? | Spanish with English subtitles
Buenos Aires: 35-year-old unemployed Sebastin loves his old Peugeot 505. He also makes money out of it by doing some taxi driver work. When old Muslim Jalil asks Sebastin to take him on a ride of over 2000 km to the city of La Paz, the car owner accepts this request gladly. During the trip they find themselves in the middle of a cultural confrontation and the differences between them lead to many misunderstandings and annoyances.


blanka 01 - copiaFriday August 12
Kohki Hasei | Philippines, Japan, Italy | 2015 | 77? | Tagalog with English subtitles
11-year-old orphan Blanka knows very well how to survive and blend in the streets of Manila. One day she makes friends with a blind singer called Peter and decides to hang out with him. Thanks to him she discovers a new talent: she can sing very well. Just when the bright doors of opportunity are opening in front of her, Blanka is accused of robbery.


7aug 07Saturday August 13

*All the festival screenings in the Vondelpark are of free admision, though a small contribution is happily welcomed.