World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016


Photo report: NiNsee and Vereniging Antilliaans Netwerk

Monday (17 August) was a special day. World Cinema Amsterdam, Vereniging Antilliaans Netwerk and NiNsee organised an evening with a central theme: colour. In the documentary Sombra di Kol Angela Roe examined if and how colour and the notion of race are still relevant today. Angela Roe was there to answer questions from the audiencie. Here you can see the photo's by our festival photographer Romee van de Ven.


Photo report: Soy Cuba and Generation Afghanistan

Saturday (15 August) the opening of the Cuban filmposter exhibition - Soy Cuba - took place. Melanie Lemanieu captured this special event. You can visite the exhibition till 9 October in the office of Cuba Travel Network in Amsterdam (Alexander Boersstraat 60). Something different: sunday (16 August) World Cinema Amsterdam proves that Afghan cinema is alive and kicking. The Afghan film afternoon included two screenings: Angelus Novus (Aboozar Amini) and Mina Walking (Yosef Baraki). Aboozar Amini was there to answer some questions from the audience. Photographer Romee van de Ven was there to take some nice pictures. 


Photo report: Cine Caribe opening

Saturdaynight was the opening of the special Cine Caribe programme. After the screening of the film La obra del siglo from director Carlos M. Quintela people enjoyed a real Latin party. Melanie Lemahieu shot some great pics. 


Photo report: opening night

Last Friday night the opening of the sixth edition of World Cinema Amsterdam took place. Jayro said hello to the audience, just before the screening of his film Ixcanul. And there was a great surprise: before the film we screened the short Resina from Maryulis Alfonso Yero. She was present as well. It was a great night!  Photographer Melanie Lemahieu was there to capture the night. 


Photo report: open air screening at Vondelpark Open Air Theatre

Friday night the first screening in the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre took place. There was a great atmosphere! The audience enjoyed a delightful, graceful comedy which attracted over 1.5 million viewers in Peru: A los 40 (Bruno Ascenzo). Photographer Marieke Hogeboom was there to capture the night.


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