World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

A los 40


A los 40 - 1

Peru produces few films and Peruvian films are rarely screened in European theatres. There are exceptions, however; for example A los 40 a delightful, graceful comedy which attracted over 1.5 million viewers in Peru, which makes it one of the most visited films in Peruvian history. All due in part to the convincing ensemble playing of the in Peru extremely popular actors.

40-something-year-olds Lourdes, Julia, Francesca, Sofia, Anita and Barbara were high-school classmates some 25 years ago. Time for a reunion lunch, decides eccentric Lourdes and so she invites the then girls, now women over as well as the men who star in their present lives. The careless days of youth are however long gone. Divorced businesswoman Barbara for instance isn't really that thrilled, afraid as she is to meet somebody from the past. Sofia intends to use the gathering to conclude some unfinished business. Anita, an old, overweight spinster also makes her appearance, though everybody is actually annoyed by her. In this way, every person present has something. Time to take stock then, though it won't be a smooth ride. In short, it will be a memorable get-together.

Venue: Vondelpark Open Air Theatre
FRI 7 AUG - 21.30 (free admission, donations appreciated) - change in programme

Venue: Rialto
SAT 15 AUG - 15.00 get your tickets

Venue: Marie Heinekenplein
FRI 21 AUG - 21.30 (preceded by DJ ISHTAR) (free admission, donations appreciated)

Venue: Q-Factory
SAT 22 AUG - 21.30 (free admission, donations appreciated)