World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Open Air

Summer: hot days and long, sultry nights. Time for World Cinema Open Air! Four features for everybody to watch outdoors, both before the official start and during the festival. The locations are the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre, Marie Heinekenplein square and Q-Factory.

If you want to be sure of a good spot on Marie Heinekenplein, you should come early; a lot will be going on before the actual screening at this square, with music from DJs Don, Cinema Royale, Ishtar and Angel, and with plenty of food and drinks. This year for the first time there will be food trucks at the square: Fritz (scrumptious fries), the Empanada Bar and the Bio poffertjeskraam (sweet Dutch mini pancakes).

The screenings start as soon as the Sun goes down, around 21.30h. This years Open Air selection consists of four recent films: A LOS 40, CONDUCTA , THE CROW'S EGG en TODOS SE VAN

As always, admission is free, though a (small) contribution is greatly appreciated!


A los 40 - 1

Vondelpark Open Air Theatre: FRI 7 AUG - 21.30 change in programme
Marie Heinekenplein: FRI 21 AUG - 21.30 (preceded by DJ ISHTAR)
Q-Factory: SAT 22 AUG - 21.30

A LOS 40
Bruno Ascenzo | Peru | 2014 | 90'
A delightful comedy from Peru. 40-something-year-olds Lourdes, Julia, Francesca, Sofia, Anita and Barbara were high-school classmates some 25 years ago. Time for a reunion lunch, decides Lourdes and so she invites the then girls, now women over, as well as their partners. It will be a memorable get-together.


Conducta 1

Vondelpark Open Air Theatre: SAT 8 AUG - 21.30 change in programme

 Q-Factory: THU 20 AUG - 21.30

 Marie Heinekenplein: SAT 22 AUG - 21.30 (preceded by DJ ANGEL)

Ernesto Daranas | Cuba | 2014 | 108'

Heart-warming classroom drama about aging teacher Carmela, who has a soft spot for children from broken families, children who grow up in poverty, in short, children who are struggling. Chala for instance, an 11-year-old troublemaker. After yet another incident, the head teacher wants to expel Chala from school, but Carmela comes to the kid's defence. This brings her into conflict with the school board which threatens her with suspension.


Todos se van 1

Vondelpark Open Air Theatre: FRI 14 AUG - 21.30
Marie Heinekenplein: THU 20 AUG - 21.30 (preceded by DJ CINEMA ROYALE)
Q-Factory: FRI 21 AUG - 21.30

Sergio Cabrera | Colombia | 2015 | 107'

When Cabrera read Cuban writer Wendy Guerra's autobiographical novel Todos se van he decided to turn the book into a film. Set in the 80's; Cuba is in the grip of a serious economic crisis. Eva and Manuel are waging a battle over custody of their 8-year-old daughter Nieve. Their conflict escalates.

The Crows Egg 1

Vondelpark Open Air Theatre: SAT 15 AUG - 21.30
Marie Heinekenplein: WED 19 AUG - 21.30 (preceded by DJ DON)

M. Manikandan | India | 2014 | 99'

A social-realist film doesn't have to always be dark or sad, as director M. Manikandan proves with his last film. On a very old TV, brothers Ramesh and Ramesh Thilaganathan watch an advertisement for a pizzeria. What a deliciously looking pizza... they have to try it, at least once.