World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016

Special Screenings

World Cinema Amsterdam features many splendid films: check out our main competition, special programme with a focus on the Caribbean, and our open-air screenings. However, there are many more festival films that deserve your attention. We have brought together several of these in our Special Screenings.

World Cinema Premires: 600 MILES, JAUJA, JOURNEY TO THE SHORE and THEEB - Four films, all of which will have their Dutch premire during the festival and will be released in Dutch cinemas this autumn. 

World Cinema Specials: In 2006, Rialto organized the Nuevo Cine Argentino festival. One of the selected films was LOVE (PART ONE), made by a student film collective. The young Juan Schnitman was one of these. Ten years later, World Cinema Amsterdam presents his first solo film, EL INCENDIO

Generation Afghanistan: Films are made all over the world, even in places where you wouldnt expect it. Afghanistan for example, a country devastated by war and religious violence. What is everyday life like over there? World Cinema Amsterdam will look at this in a single special screening called Generation Afghanistan, including a short and a feature film: ANGELUS NOVUS en MINA WALKING.

Theeb 1