World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016


It's not easy to choose from all the films on offer at the festival. To help you, our partners have each selected three of their favourites from the festival programme.

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La obra del siglo

Drifting effortlessly between raw psychological realism and dreamy surrealism and loaded with unique Cuban archive footage, this film portrays three generations of Cubans. A fresh voice from, and about, a country in a stalemate. Won a Hivos Tiger Award at IFFR 2015 and was supported by the Hubert Bals Fund.

God Loves the Fighter

Raw, realistic take on life in the eastern part of Port of Spain, Trinidad - murder capital of the Caribbean. Accompanied by colorful images and dubreggae soundtrack. Marcano won the Yellow Robin Award at Curaao IFFR 2014 and made the short film Giants about the life in Rotterdam-Zuid.


In 2014 the producers of Mustang presented their film at the CineMart (the IFFR co-production market) and in 2015 Mustang was selected for the Cannes film festival. Stunning debut film about repressed sexuality and the desire for freedom of five sisters in a village in northern Turkey.



The Crow's Egg

We've seen SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE show us the slums in India in a rainbow-glazed hue. With THE CROW'S EGG, we are taken to slums through the eyes of two young brothers who have nothing but an abundance of spirit and a desire to be happy in spite of their circumstances. Director M Manikandan's debut film is a superb portrayal of the human spirit triumphing over corporate machinations, without once patronizing the people of the slums.

Our Little Sister

Koreeda's place as a contemporary master of Japanese cinema is assured. His films draw us into the world of how family and society can sometimes be so strange, yet at the same time so familiar. With his latest film, OUR LITTLE SISTER, he has crafted a charming, sweet and heartfelt film about the bonds beyond blood ties that join sisters from different mothers.

Journey to the Shore

When Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Asano Tadanobu work together, something magical always happens. In JOURNEY TO THE SHORE, something very spiritual happens; the leading man plays the wandering spirit of a husband returning to visit his widow, who has not been able to let him go. Emotional and pensive while celebrating a life fully lived by the various characters, this film affirms that the memories that shape our journey through life are truly special.

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