World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016


Sombra di kolo 1

How do skin colour and race impact a person's life? Are race and the (social) class you belong to still connected? Does the colour of your skin still matter today? These are the questions posed by the Warwarú ImageNation Foundation – a research, media and event organization that focuses on Caribbean heritage and decolonization. In Papiamentu, Warwarú means whirlwind or tornado, a force that tears down old and mouldy structures and blows fresh winds of change.

For the first project, anthropologist Angela E. Roe was asked to examine if and how skin colour and the notion of race are still relevant today. The result is the confrontational documentary Sombra di koló  – yet another step towards processing colonial trauma.

"For many people, talking about colour is something you just don't do," says Roe, whose research and film tie in with her thesis research at the University of Florida. Race and skin colour often appear to be a taboo subject, also on Curacao, where Roe shot her film. Despite the taboo she manages to get thirty people from five neighbourhoods of Willemstad, each distinct in their racial and class make-up, to share their ideas and feelings with the viewer.

The director of the film Angela E. Roe and her co-director Selwyn de Wind, will be attending the festival and will answer the audience's questions after the screenings.

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