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Vestido de novia


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Since the Revolution, now 56 years ago, only three feature films made by women have been produced in Cuba. It says something about a country; Cuba has a strong macho culture. It is why director Marilyn Solaya decided to make a film with a strong feminist voice: her feature Vestido de novia is a story based on true events about the problems people face who are "different". She achieved approval and support of Mariela Castro, daughter of the current president, who has long been committed to tolerance and sexual diversity.

Havana, 1994: tough times in Cuba. Without the economic support from the Soviet Union, the country plunges into a deep economic crisis. 40-something Rosa Elena, a nurse, is married to an engineer named Ernesto. The two lead a quiet, happy life, though they obviously feel the shortage of everything and Ernesto is having trouble at work with his opportunistic colleague Lazaro.

One day Rosa Elena decides to re-join the men's choir where she used to sing; Rosa Elena actually used to be a man. Once this is out in the open, the couple is faced with slurs and insults.

Venue: Rialto
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