World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016


Las búsquedas 9

The closing credits reveal that Las búsquedas (The Searches) was made in just seven days, with a budget of merely $1,500. It is the second film by Mexican director Jose Luis Valle, who was present at last year's World Cinema Amsterdam in connection with his debut film Workers. Valle's small oeuvre has a distinct signature; he relates the lives of inconspicuous people in long takes, using beautifully framed images in long shots. In Las búsquedas he tells a story of revenge and redemption and the need for warmth and affection.

Unemployed Ulises lost his wife and daughter some time ago. He becomes the victim of a pickpocket at a Mexico City subway station and is robbed of his wallet containing the only family photo he still had. He vows to find and kill the culprit. In a different part of town, Elvira comes home from work to discover that her husband has committed suicide for no apparent reason.

Fate brings these two damaged strangers together. Very cautiously they try to come closer to each other.

Venue: Rialto
FRI 15 AUG – 19.15 get your tickets (with an introduction by Virginia Pablos, director at SIN FIN CINEMA - The endless platform for film)
SAT 16 AUG – 21.45 get your tickets

Venue: De Balie
SAT 23 – 17.15 get your tickets