World Cinema Amsterdam | Internationaal filmfestival | 18 – 27 Augustus 2016



Caballos 1

For his debut film, which he also wrote and produced, director Fabin Surez was inspired by one of Cuba's most famous films: Memorias del subdesarrollo from 1968. Resources were few, but still Surez didn't shy away from taking artistic risks and made the impressive Caballos, an innovative and exceptional film with countless references to the life of American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. The title is a direct reference to Mapplethorpe's two greatest passions: photography and singer Patti Smith. In 1975, Mapplethorpe shot the cover image of Smith's famous album Horses, a beautiful picture of his lover, friend and muse Patti.

The story begins when lonely Robi enters a local bar and meets mysterious singer Galaxia. Robi is intrigued by this beautiful woman and invites her over to his ill friend Salomon's birthday party. The moment Galaxia and Robi enter Salomon's huge apartment marks the beginning of a complex triangular relationship. Robi is torn by a difficult choice between on the one hand Salomon, who needs his company and assistance, and on the other hand Galaxia, who is in Paris and for whom he has very strong feelings. Caballos is a complex still life in black and white vividly bringing to mind Mapplethorpe's photography.

The director of the film, Fabin Surez, will be attending the festival and wil answer the questions of the audience after the screening of his film.

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