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Journey to the Shore


Journey to the Shore 1

In Japanese, there is a verb for the act of watching over a dying person until their death: "mitoru". Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa took this concept as a starting point for his new film, Journey to the Shore - an understated, simply told tale of love, farewell and mourning looking for answers to existential questions about life and death, and the essence of all. For his film, Kurosawa was awarded the Best Director Prize in the Un Certain Regard section of the past Cannes Film Festival.

Mizuki is a widow, her husband Yusuke drowned at sea three years earlier. One day he reappears out of the blue. Mizuki's first reaction isn't one of fear; she rather wonders what took him so long. Even though Yusuke seems to be as normal as can be, he is actually a being hovering between life and death; Mizuki is aware that he has already crossed to the other side. She therefore agrees to let him take her on a journey past the places where he has spent time the past three years. They meet all kinds of people, some of whom are also deceased. Eventually, they arrive in a village, where Yusuke gives a lecture on the nature of the material reality, touching on subjects such as Einstein, quantum physics and the Big Bang.

Distribution: from 1 October 2015, Lumire.

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