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Lake Tahoe

Fernando Eimbcke | Mexico | 2008 | 85' | Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitles
Minimalist deadpan comedy, that could rightly be called an ode to de-stressing. 16-year-old Juan has fled his home in his parents’ car, but following an accident gets stranded on an abandoned road, just outside his hometown. He then goes in search of help – in particular a new distributor cap. He meets a lot of different people, including the old mechanic Don Heber and his dog; a young punk mother, Lucia, and spare-parts dealer and martial-arts fanatic David. Their common credo: take it easy!

Director Eimbcke rounds out his characters using small, often absurd anecdotes. Beneath the humour, a real coming-of-age-drama lurks, however.

Some years ago, Fernando Eimbcke portrayed a languid Sunday in one of Mexico City’s suburbs in his Temporada de patos: an original debut that brought him awards both in his home country and abroad. Among the awards granted to Lake Tahoe was the international film press’s Fipresci Award at the last Berlin film festival.

Tuesday 17 August, 04.00 PM, Rialto
Wednesday 18 August, 10.00 PM, Rialto